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So here we are

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So here we are, only you are not here.

It is just me, as you, and my father, as me.

And all over again I am experiencing your

Sideways comments and backlashery, as me,

As my mouth and brain take on your persona and direct it all again,

For the first time ever,

Towards my father, as me,

Who mumbles and mutters and whispers and tip-toes

Around me, as you.

And all over again, we are here, only

You are not here, so it is just me, knowing.

Knowing, and not being able to say a thing to you, as you,

Nor to stop the me that is now you.

Nothing can comfort my father, as me, because, as me,

I too was incapable of seeing what I was doing.

All the time I thought I was not doing, not doing.

So here we are, and I wish you were here, instead of him,

So that I could be me, as me now, and you could be you,

As however you want to be,

And I could accept you.

And I could finally accept me, too.

vegan extremism

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Source Bite Size Vegan By Emily Moran Barwick What would you do if you found out that everything you know, everything you believe, everything you’ve been told since you were a child was a lie? And not just any lie, but one carefully crafted, finely tuned, expertly executed, and deliberately designed with the express purpose […]

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that animal looks like a baby

that animal in the wild looks alone

that animal in its protected, natural habitat looks cold

i am supreme being human and i must intervene in nature

i must build a road and build these washrooms and tour around nature

driving my car to and from

and then i will put that animal into my car

and i will take a picture and show everyone

how awesome i am

because who has a picture of a bison in their car

only the most supreme being

that’s who

plastic rap

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hello, how are you today?

good! how about you?

i’m fine thank you. did you find everything you were looking for?

yes, thank you.

would you like to save even more with our credit card?

no thank you.

do you have air miles?

yes. thank you.

debit or credit?


go ahead.

thank you.

thank you.

thank you.

Wreckage of a dream

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How could a dream go so wrong

In the attaining of it?

How could it be there, without me, when it wasn’t with me? It moved on and dumped me like a bug.

How is it growing, like a conscience free murderer, while I bang on the thick glass separating us!

You don’t see me!

I see you!

I see you!!

I can barely see you for the tears and mucous flowing from my sniveling, breaking little heart,

And all I want is to fix what is broken!

I miss you too much today!!!!!!!

I am in pieces and there is no one who gets me

But you.

But you are too busy living your dream.

I am left with my nightmare.


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Gravel in piles and

Monstrosities pushing their ugly heads up

Through the soil

So much dirt

Nothing grows here anymore but 

Festering open sores

And fungus

Trillions of spores of greed and

Spreading the cancer of humanity

With the single scraping motion

Of a backhoe.