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Bipolar? Or Gifted? – The Modern Day Epidemic Of Medicated “Madness”

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“Have I gone mad?” asked the Mad-Hatter. “I’m afraid so, you’re entirely bonkers”, Alice replied,“but I’ll tell you a secret… all the best people are.” The exchange above is from Lewis Carroll’s n…

Source: Bipolar? Or Gifted? – The Modern Day Epidemic Of Medicated “Madness”


Truth out

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Something has been eating at me.

Literally, as I chew off pieces of my skin, and my stomach acid runs amok.

Fungus slowly corrodes my nail. I pick out eyebrow hairs by the dozen.

Something is clearly wrong. I am anxious. It is growing inside of me.

And now, finally, I am paying attention.

You will say it is my mom.

Cancer eats her, so they say, and she will die suddenly.

Maybe it will be several months or years from now. No one knows.

And I am certain that is a part of the mix. I am not in denial about my sadness and my fears. Fears about the sadness.

But there is more. And the more is the hardest part.

Because something has changed in me. And I have to live up to ME.

Even though the ME I AM is unfamiliar to me. It is truth, it needs to come out, but …

I didn’t expect it so soon, I guess. So suddenly.

I told myself it was all in my mind, all in conditions, in circumstances…

I told myself it would be over soon, that there was a light at the end of the tunnel –

Even though this thought did not give me any relief, as it normally would.

I love you to death. I always will. And I find you amazing. And I love seeing you and hanging out with you and working with you, in various capacities.

I think you’re wise and insightful and beautiful.

But I need a break.

I need some boundaries.

And boundaries are scary for me. So this is very scary for me.

Maybe it’s appropriate I’m writing this on Halloween.

You’re the very person who taught me about boundaries, and about self-care, and about telling the truth at all costs.

You’re the very person who mentored me to become the very ME I AM who is about to tell you something shocking, something disturbing. This will rock the boat. I don’t doubt that at all. If it doesn’t rock the boat, I have left something out, or I have watered it down.

The truth will hurt. You are not my best friend. I do not feel the same way about you…


I said it.

Only I haven’t said it to you, yet. I am working out how to express this to you. I can’t wait any longer. One more night is all. Tonight is the night.

Tomorrow is the day.

What does it mean, for us? You are my:

  • sponsor
  • financial advisor
  • boss
  • friend

You also seem to want to be my:

  • teacher – on all subjects
  • trainer – in all things
  • entertainer – which is often welcome but sometimes not
  • doctor – which I truly find fairly ridiculous
  • coach – which blends boundaries with sponsor, financial advisor, boss, and friend
  • …and therein lies the problem.

Is there any time you don’t offer, unsolicited, to me:

  • opinions?
  • experience?
  • suggestions?
  • feedback?
  • input?
  • ideas?
  • recommendations?
  • referrals?
  • lessons?
  • guidance?
  • approval?
  • encouragement?
  • persuasion?
  • advice?
  • help?
  • examples?

Can I just have some space?

I just need some space.

I need more space, for me.

Moving closer to work is what I am doing. Not moving closer to you.

I don’t want to spend more time with you.

If anything, I want to spend less time with you.

More sponsor time, more work on my steps, and less uncategorized time.

Less friend time? I think…

Less time where you hold me hostage with your storytelling.

You are a great storyteller, but I feel like I’ve now heard them all, and you are starting to

…repeat yourself.

And you don’t stop when I say that yes, you’ve told me this before.

Yes, I remember.

Yes, I already know.

You don’t stop.

You don’t stop.

I need you to stop.

Stop, please.

Before I need to leave, to get some space.

And then what happens?

In one fell swoop, I lose my:


  • sponsor
  • financial advisor
  • boss
  • friend


I find your personality, ,your energy overwhelming and overpowering, a lot of the time. I find your excitement about our friendship anxiety-producing. I find your involvement in every aspect of my life intrusive and exhausting. I just want to be left alone. It’s just too much.

I enjoy looking up my own information, researching stuff for myself on the internet, and making choices. I like learning on my own. You are a good teacher, but I would prefer it was limited more to accounting, bookkeeping, and the 12 steps. There are many, many things you know and are good at, but I need the space to find out things for myself, to do things for myself, to wonder about things, and just to be in silence sometimes.

I feel like you’re not giving me space to learn on my own. I know you mean well. You are terribly generous and have a big heart, of course I know this and appreciate this. You are an amazing person and I value you so very much – in every role you play in my life.

But therein lies the problem: The roles conflict with each other at times. If you were not my boss, I would have told you-my-sponsor about my issues with my boss long ago, and you would have helped me set a boundary. If you were not my sponsor, I would have told my sponsor about you-my-boss and my sponsor would have helped me set a boundary. If you were only my friend I probably wouldn’t see you so much and this might not be coming up. And if it did come up, I would discuss it with my sponsor.

I want to do the steps, desperately. But I find that I am averse to the thought of booking more time with you on my days off.

I need a break.

How are we to proceed?


I need to talk to you. Badly.

It will start like this example I just read on the beautiful internet, and made my own:

I realized I had a choice: I could confront you, risk hurting your feelings and making things awkward between us, and possibly save our multi-faceted relationship, which I ultimately care about and value, or I could say nothing, get more and more frustrated, and ultimately write you off as a boss or a sponsor, possibly losing many very important things about our relationship.

You win

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I grit my teeth and surrender, to you, you are the winner declared in the obituaries, you are forever preserved, stunning and brilliant, perfect in every way, loved by so many, deeply and unmoving. Immortalized like the statues of clay and paintings of oil, like the gods and goddesses eternal, worshiped and celebrated for all time, heavy in the mind’s thick fog of war and marriage, tragedy and triumph, body count be damned, epic voyage and lessons learned. No mere mortal can compare, can challenge, can even shake your hand or get a fucking pat on the head. To me you are permanent. You win. You win. I can’t even sign myself out of the match. 

Let me









This feels like a fucking breakup

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Sense of betrayal

Shame and guilt and anger moves

Wipe my nose of snot

that which could not be

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you had me at hello!

we were introduced, you shook my hand

i thought you were gay: no man i would meet could be so gallant…

i turned my mind away.

i heard you speak, you made me think, and laugh

i thought you were strange: no man i would be in this room with could be so articulate,

so full of wit and natural poetry…

i turned my eyes away.

i watched you leave, you were always with her

i thought you were a couple: no man i would be so attracted to could be without a loving other…

i turned my body away.

i listened to you share, you said you were pining

i thought you were emotionally unavailable: no man i would love could be concurrently ready, willing, able…

i turned my heart away.

and then…

You bowed your goodbyes,

You shared a quiet laugh at an almost-missed joke,

You shared your pain, your struggles, your ideas, your progress,

Your joy.

You had me in my dreams from long ago.

You are here, and I am here,



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We had it made

But it was not meant to be made

It wanted to be in the making.

We fucking ruined it.

FOMO – a haiku 

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Fear of missing out

The mind’s ego gymnastics 

Thinking disconnect