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that which could not be

Posted in love, poetry, Uncategorized on September 5, 2016 by jilly9er

you had me at hello!

we were introduced, you shook my hand

i thought you were gay: no man i would meet could be so gallant…

i turned my mind away.

i heard you speak, you made me think, and laugh

i thought you were strange: no man i would be in this room with could be so articulate,

so full of wit and natural poetry…

i turned my eyes away.

i watched you leave, you were always with her

i thought you were a couple: no man i would be so attracted to could be without a loving other…

i turned my body away.

i listened to you share, you said you were pining

i thought you were emotionally unavailable: no man i would love could be concurrently ready, willing, able…

i turned my heart away.

and then…

You bowed your goodbyes,

You shared a quiet laugh at an almost-missed joke,

You shared your pain, your struggles, your ideas, your progress,

Your joy.

You had me in my dreams from long ago.

You are here, and I am here,