something to fall down to

I was watching a show on television at work and heard a young, minimally educated man say he always had music to fall back on. Only, he said, “I always have music to fall down to.” Apart from the initial snobbish rush I felt, I actually have gotten more out of this young man’s expression than he will ever know.

1 – Falling down and falling back on something are pretty much the same thing, no? At least one is falling, and one is falling on something whether it is the floor (with a crrra-a-ack or a CRASH!) or a bed with thirty-three pillows. Falling forward or back or down or whatever is still falling. Boom. Down you go. You are not in control. You’ve either let go, or you’ve been let go…

2 – There is a sense of worship here. Music is at times like a entity at whose feet I fall, gladly. Praise and humility and gratitude.

3 – Then there’s the funny thing I just thought of, and that is, all the music at the bars where I used to get wasted in my drinking days…played music I fell down to.

Pah. :p


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