Family function

There is my father,
There is my mother,
There is my brother,
There is his wife and little girl.
Bright, beautiful, and bold,
And loving as the day is long.
Heart of mine be still,
You love her so and love watching her grow, come to know
More of herself, of life, of you!
Me – little me! The little girl I once was
And still am inside! She and you, my niece, can play together in freedom and fairy tales.
Every one a glorious ending that is at once
A new and as glorious a beginning.
Life is grand and open and eternal and effervescent as the sun and the stars,
Let nothing block your perception of this cheery clamor,
Always remember
Who you are!
And I am dreaming joyfully of our next adventure.
Thankful of this amazing being who happens to light up my world.



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