of course now i want a new blog

I always want to reinvent myself. That is what happens as I look to get back to “the real me”, or the original me, or the me that I thought I liked, but probably didn’t at the time…

“fucking drama” is pretty amusing to me as a blog title, and i especially like it with the subtitle. it’s so true. but i wonder if it’s a good affirmation nowadays. or if it ever was.

and now i am writing without any capital letters…consistent, i am not.

i have reduced my dose of venlafaxine for OCD, with the help of my doctor. i plan to wean myself off of it, if at all possible. i am using essential oils and will cut back on my daily caffeine and sugar intake. i’ve been ridiculous with it lately. i love vegan baking. and i love my morning coffee. but i love my sanity more. 🙂

also my marriage appears to be over. our rings are off. we are in a “domestic partnership” now, cohabitating, coparenting, cofounding the animal sanctuary, etc. we just gave up trying to make the marriage part work.

oh and the business is also ending (third big change i wanted to write about). i am job hunting right now. so is she. no more dog business. too stressful. way, way too stressful.

ok that is all, must get ready to walk the dogs, pick up the poop, check on all the animals, feed the piglet, bake a birthday cake for my mom (vegan chocolate cake), clean the house, shower, etc.


thank you god for helping me already this day, and for the good sleep, and please help me keep everyone safe today and keep me somewhat sane and clear of mind. please.


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