Sequence of Events

1. I get Facebook messages asking me to share my wisdom regarding dog adoptions, dog fostering, etc. I am seen as having wisdom regarding animal welfare.

2. The toilet handle breaks. I live in an old house and things break.

3. A leak is discovered in the dirt floor basement of same old house, during a chinook. It smells like the most lingeringest dog toot I’ve ever encountered. We have received so much snow this winter that nothing seems to be prepared to deal with it. As it melts, so it leaks. As it leaks, so it stirs up generations of foul remnants in the dirt of the floor.

4. A creature is heard in the ceiling, running to and fro along the width of the kitchen. I live in a farm house and it’s a cold winter. There is an abundance of space for all creatures great and small to find warmth here.

5. The door knob breaks while someone is outside waiting to pick up their dog from daycare. I escape out through the cat room and we live without a door knob for a couple days in -30 degrees Celcius. The wife fixes it like a boss.

6. We have a boxer stay with us and I bend over to say hello. He does what boxers do, and I get a bad-ass eye scrape. No damage to eyeball. Good story with picture on Facebook.

7. A blind dog comes to stay with us and I want to keep him. I make a joke and suddenly, it turns out he needs a new home. His mama will pay for everything but he will live with us. Wish fulfilled.

8. We mention to landlord about our animal sanctuary and ask if he can come up with an option so we can stay here. He does, miraculously. We mention this option to the other option-keepers and they improve their offer, miraculously. We actually have a choice this time. We have never had to make a decision like this about where to live.

9. An old recovery buddy messages me and is not sure if I remember her. She asks for my wisdom on an entirely non-animal-welfare related matter, as if I have more wisdom than originally thought. I actually am referred to as a “great role model”. Shock ensues.

10. I think, I will get out my books on animal healing (aromatherapy, reiki, massage) and focus more on that stuff this year. Within minutes, I discover a hidden folder in Facebook (always the face book) with a month-old message offering me a part-time job in a pet store doing canine body work. Wish fulfilled.

11. Old text-cheating-fling guy texts out of the blue after many months of no contact. I handle it like a boss (that is my saying of the day. absolutely hands down. heard it yesterday and it’s making me laugh).

12. Find another hidden message, this one from last summer, from an ex boyfriend. He is making amends to me. I make my amends to him. Wish fulfilled. Step 9 in process. God, I trust you to bring me to my next amends.

13. Find yet another hidden message – because now I’m onto this whole hidden folder thing – also from last summer. Abusive. Judging my lifestyle and cursing me to hell. Anonymous. I post it to my status and receive a steady stream of amazing, positive feedback and uplifting affirmations and beauty from my friends. I didn’t ask for this nor need this – or so I thought – and yet today was the day I found these messages. Each thing happened in sequence.

Sequence of events. Very, very cool…


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